Managing Panic Attacks

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The difficulty in stopping or relieving the symptoms of panic attacks can make them seem completely debilitating. However, symptoms can be dealt with or reduced in severity by following some tried and tested steps for managing panic attacks. Firstly, turn your attention to the possible causes. A traumatic event from the recent past or suppressed issues from childhood may be at the root of the condition. Another possibility is that the stress involved in every day routine have escalated beyond the point that can reasonably be dealt with. It is important to consider the root cause and try to deal with these issues, otherwise the fear of panic can grow and other conditions can develop, such as OCD or agoraphobia.

The first step to stop a panic attack is to recognize the triggers that bring on the attacks. A particular animal or person or a situation or confrontation may be the trigger. The chances of having a panic attack can be greatly reduced after the trigger has been identified.

The feelings and symptoms occurring at the onset of a panic attack will be readily recognized by someone who has experienced more than one attack already. Becoming a little more familiar with the process can enable them to talk themselves through a panic attack and will help deal with the condition on the road to curing it. Prior experience is beneficial as one can remember that they survived the attack before and reduce the sense of fear in order to keep calmer. Another way to encourage calm is to breathe deeply and slowly.

When the panic attack is occurring, the techniques above will help to reduce the effects of it. Next, steps can be taken to stop the attacks. Firstly, it should be noted that you should not beat yourself up or expect a magic sudden cure. This behavior will only add pressure and anxiety, which could increase the chances of panic attack. It makes more sense to consider the root cause and examine your intake of chemicals like nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine.

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In conclusion, do not despair if you are having trouble with panic attacks. There are plenty of resources out there to help. For more in depth information and advice, visit where you can find information on a range of topics about different aspects, including managing panic attacks

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Managing Panic Attacks

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This article was published on 2010/03/28